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A Reputation For Quality and Safety

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Supreme Almonds is dedicated to producing high quality, natural almond products. Our goal to is exceed our customers' expectations in all aspects of quality, particularly in regards to serious defect, chip and scratch, split and broken and foreign material.   This is accomplished by establishing internal standards which are set at much stricter tolerance levels than USDA standards.


We handle many different varieties of almonds, including Nonpareil, Independence, Carmel, Monterey, Butte, Padre, Fritz, Wood Colony, Aldrich, Avalon, Mission and others.


All of our products pass through infrared, color, and ultraviolet electronic sorters before their final stages of hand sorting, metal detection, and x-ray.


We’re able to accommodate 50-pound cartons, 2,200-pound fiber bins, and 2,200-pound totes of kernels. In shell almonds are packed in 50-pound nylon bags.

Food safety.

We employ a full-time food safety manager who ensures we are following our own strict manufacturing practices as well as those of our certification agencies. Food safety begins in the parking lot, before the almonds are even off the truck, and continues through final delivery.

Certifications and sustainability.

We maintain top rankings for safety. Part of our commitment to the land that has provided us a crop for almost 60 years is to be good stewards of all the resources it provides. That includes the use of solar power, motion detection lighting to reduce the use of energy, and a recycling program for our cardboard and plastic waste. These are not required programs, but steps we take to preserve resources so future generations can continue our deep-rooted farming and processing traditions.

The seeds of our success are planted in the relationships we have with our grower partners, buyers, and vendors. We believe small details play an important role in the quality of almonds. We’re meticulous about every step of the process, and we partner with people who share our same outstanding dedication to excellence.

That dedication extends companywide. Our owners take a hands-on role in day-to-day operations, and our personal approach encompasses every step of growth, selection, and transportation. Our grower partners work tirelessly in the field — and we honor that effort by giving the same dedication to their product, from the moment it arrives at our plant through processing and shipping.


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