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We’re Growers Who Work With Growers

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As long time almond growers, we recognize what it takes to produce California’s best almonds. Our team has years of experience in tree and root stock selection, best growing practices, pruning and overall tree health. If our growers have any questions or concerns we are just a phone call away.

Our reputation for delivering strong returns is based on our efficient processes and the quality of our products. We combine those attributes with a disciplined marketing strategy, a well-respected name and brand, a willingness to explore new opportunities, and a keen eye for details. The results are consistent returns and long-term partnerships with our growers.

We have been active members of the California Almond Board for years, with our members serving on committees throughout the organization. Our ears-to-the-ground approach means that we are on top of industry trends and have the foresight to understand upcoming challenges and opportunities.

Hulling and shelling.
Our growers use trusted local hullers/shellers. We welcome the checks and balances of a third-party huller.

We use our trucks to transport our growers’ product from their preferred huller/sheller to our plant, limiting costs to our growers and ensuring greater control over the process.

As long-time almond growers, we recognize what it takes to produce California’s best almonds. Our in-field reps have experience growing almonds in the greater San Joaquin Valley. If our growers run into questions or problems with their crops, we’re just a phone call away.

Grower Representatives

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